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Award for best downloaded papers of ESMO open

Paper from "Diagnosis and treatment of bone metastasis: comprehensive
guideline of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (Mar 2015edition),
was elected as ESMO Open Prize for Most Downloaded Paper.
Award ceremony was held at ESMO 2019.
Dr Hiroyuki Shibata, who is the chair of this working group and was
awarded a prize, has given us a comment.

I am visiting to ESMO2019 congress. Although I have never been awarded in my carrier, this time, I was selected as one of the awardees of the best downloaded papers published in ESMO open, as an author of JSMO guideline of bone metastasis.
This notice arrived at me only two weeks ago. Then, I purchased the travel thickets, and asked my fellow to take care of our patients by himself. Unfortunately, the other staffs are out of shift, and he will have to educate 8 medical students on the next Monday. I appreciate him so much. I also express my sincere thanks to my colleagues of guideline development. This guideline was very difficult to be made. That is a top secret between us, but it is a good memory. The former president Dr. Tamura proposed to develop a collaborative guideline between ESMO and JSMO, at first. It was not realized. It was ambitious and terrible if we tried, because even collaboration with the other Japanese societies was very hard. I guess this award is his wanting. I suppose that the purpose of today’s ceremony is to cultivate ESMO open. JSMO and ESMO is a sister society, and JSMO should play an important role to grow ESMO open. Dr. Ohe, a former president and one of the editors of ESMO open, attended this small ceremony. ESMO members expressed many thanks to his effort. The number of journals concerning clinical oncology is still limited, compared with such as cardiology. But, clinical oncologists have to publish their achievement as scientists. ESMO open is one of the limited chance of publication. Chances should be kept for the young. During today’s ceremony, I was thinking that this is his strategy to educate young clinical oncologists.