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Greetings from the President

Chikashi Ishioka

At the general meeting of July 2019, I was assigned an important role of the President of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (JSMO). Taking this opportunity, I would like to say hello to all of you.
JSMO started as a small research society in 1993 and started activities as a non-profit medical society officially from 2005. JSMO is now one of the subcommittees of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences, and more than 9,200 people participate as a member. JSMO renovated the organization as a nonprofit foundation in 2014 and presented public utilities for the progression of clinical oncology and the promotion of cancer medical care widely until now. JSMO has contributed to prolongation of the survival time and improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients, and aimed at goal of conquering cancer through the activities such as (i) spread of cancer medical care for healthcare workers and the medical institutions, (ii) contribution to the improvement of the cancer medical level by the education of the healthcare workers including sustainable training of the Diplomates certified by the Subspecialty Board of Medical Oncology, JSMO, (iii) contribution to development of new cancer medical care by the support of the academic activity of the members, (iv) enlightenment to the citizen by providing right information about cancer practice and cancer research, and (v) contribution to both practice and research of cancer in the global community by the cooperation with the overseas associated societies.
JSMO will revise the aim and the business content in response to medical advances and change of medical care and social conditions quickly in the future, and JSMO aims at academic society responding to requests of patients and society continuously. Particularly, I hope many people enroll in this society during my term in office and they accelerate the spread of cancer medical care. Also, I hope the cancer treatment outcome of our country improves by increasing the number of the certified Diplomates, and by their playing an active role in local medical institutions. Furthermore, I want to make this society an attractive more than before in cooperation with the Board Directors of JSMO by promoting globalization in the fields of science and education necessary to create next-generation cancer medical care.
JSMO has been developed by cooperation and support of patient associations, industries, and government ministries, in addition to numerous efforts of members until now. I would like more and more understanding and cooperation for the activity of JSMO to all of you continuously.

Chikashi Ishioka
President, Board of Directors, JSMO